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Save time and enjoy our large and absolutely fantastic travel guide. We have chosen to use simple information, realistic images, maps to all mentioned destinations and a large and easy-to-read text. Come in and find inspiration for your next trip!

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Travel across the globe is a search engine that helps you find cheap travel and that smoothly searches all major travel agencies on the travelmarket to find the cheapest flights for your trip. Our price comparison on Nalatrip is completely independent & free. Compares both flights and hotels from more than a thousand different travel sites, hundreds of airlines and hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world. With our service, you can quickly and easily find cheap flights without having to search at every single travel agency and travel site. Save time and search with a smart price comparison site!

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Try something new, visit the neighboring city or maybe a completely different country with the help of our complete and free to use travel site. Take part of our great travel guide and find something new. Through you can easily book flights, hotels and rental cars on one and the same page. And as a bonus, you will find lots of activities and attractions in our travel guide. Traveling has never really been easier than now… So what are you waiting for?

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Our smart search engine searches the market for the lowest hotel prices, regardless of where in the world you want to go. Search for a hotel, apartment or villa directly on the page and compare the prices between the world’s largest players. Get current prices from thousands of hotels and accommodations without the hassle of doing multiple searches! We do not charge anything extra and the service is free to use. Why pay more than you need?

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Find cheap flights

Since we compare almost all travel agencies and airlines at the same time, you can find the cheapest flights with us without having to do multiple searches. Try out Nalatrip and travel with the same airline, stay at the same hotel and drive the same rental car at lower prices. Take the opportunity to spend the money you save on other fun and memorable activities, for example some from our inspiring and unique travel guide. Traveling has never been easier!

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Meet our fantastic team

Together we become bigger and stronger. Our goal has always been to remain a personal, open and welcoming company, no matter where you come from and what history you have behind you. We have the world’s best team and friends who always support through thick and thin and together we become the world’s coziest travel site!

Authorized JR Pass partner

Japan Rail Pass

Nalatrip is a part of Flygi AB, an official partner & reseller of the Japan Rail Pass under the domain We issue and send out your JR Pass from our office the very next weekday. Visit one of the world’s most amazing countries and experience all its beautiful sights, many activities and its wonderful food culture with the help of easy transportation with the help of a Japan Rail Pass. The Shinkansen high-speed trains take you between all the country’s cities at over 320 km/h!

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More about Nalatrip & FAQ

We look daily for nice travel tips and present these on our social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

All prices presented on social media under “Today’s Tips” also show from which city and airport the trip is based on. All prices are current at the time of publication of the post, but are not something we can guarantee afterwards. Prices are adjusted by all airlines according to demand and the number of searches on the same trip. We therefore recommend booking as close to the publication of tips to be guaranteed to book at the advertised price. is a completely independent price comparison site and does not sell any trips themselves. We only help and serve as a meta search and price comparison site to scan the market among travel agencies & suppliers to find cheap airline tickets.

The same applies to our service for hotels and car rentals.

It’s very hard to say straight away as it’s something that’s constantly being adjusted. Today we do not have an exact answer, but many people feel that Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are three days that are usually a little cheaper than, above all, Sundays and Mondays. However, we recommend that you always check some dates before and after your preliminary dates if the opportunity exists and you are flexible enough with your trip. Sometimes you can save thousands of dollars just switching to the day before.

Our search engine searches the market for the cheapest price for the same trip at several suppliers & retailers and presents the cheapest trip at the cheap travel agency in price order. You obviously have the option to sort by time and several other filters if it is more important than the price.

Usually, most low-cost airlines fly only from the country’s major airports. This is something we often get questions about, but is unfortunately not something we control or control. The airlines have various requirements at their airports and unfortunately many of the smaller airports do not meet these requirements. They must both be able to accommodate large numbers of travelers and be able to maintain a certain standard at their facility.

Nalatrip started as a travel guide with the goal of facilitating the search for travelers of all ages and to be able to offer tips and tricks before your trip, no matter where in the world you are or want to go. Most travel guides on the market are too difficult to read, contain far too much irrelevant facts and withhold some of the best gold nuggets on the trip such as Savaya Beach Club on Bali.

For this reason, we chose to take matters into our own hands, but along the way we got in touch with wonderful people who helped us become the company we are today. Today you can use Flygi to find, compare and book cheap flights, hotels and rental cars at the best possible prices, while we make sure you don’t miss any of the world’s gold nuggets.

Do you need help?

Visit our contact page or ask your questions, our staff will reply within 24 hours. Our phone and email support is only for JR Pass related matters, since Nalatrip only act as a price comparison site, we cannot help with support regarding flights, hotels or rental cars.