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Important information regarding your booking:

Nalatrip does NOT sell any travel, hotel stays or rental car bookings and can therefore NOT answer any questions regarding your booking. Please contact the travel agency you completed your purchase with or the airline yourself if you have questions or changes regarding your booking.

However, we are happy to help with everything in our path and try to help you to the right department. Please use our contact form for the fastest help.

These terms of use apply to www.nalatrip.comPlease read all the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding. By accepting these terms , you agree to enter into a legally binding agreement with, Flygi AB with Swedish organization number 559091-4429.

If you do not accept our terms, consent will not be given, the website and its services will not be able to be used in such a situation.

If the agreement entered into is to be terminated, this can be done as follows:

Send an email to our customer service and ask for a termination form. This form must be sent back to

The conditions set out below may change. Before any changes take effect, users will be notified as follows:

Any changes are changed on the website.

The purpose of the website is e-commerce as follows:

Arrangement of air travel, hotel stays and rental of car rental and sale of JR Pass. Note, however, that Flygi AB only conveys the information and does not itself sell travel, hotel stays or handle the rental of vehicles.

website is owned and managed by Nalatrip.comFlygi AB in its capacity as a legal entity domiciled in Gothenburg.

a) It is unacceptable to behave in an offensive, threatening, discriminatory,
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b) Additional obligations of users:

Good tone must be used when using the site’s forum.

The copyrighted material available on the website may not be used without the permission of the author. Thus, users are not permitted to copy, distribute, commercially exploit, reproduce or otherwise benefit from such material.

Users’ purchases on the website are handled and must be paid as below.
The end partner is responsible for all payment handling and debiting takes place as follows:
The end partner’s payment page.

a), Flygi AB undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR)
whose purpose is i.a. is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

b) Personal data that will / may be processed
By accepting these terms of use, the user agrees to the processing of personal data as follows:
Social security number, telephone number, e-mail address, age, residence, gender and full name. Sensitive personal data is not allowed to be collected and processed.

c) How the personal data will be processed The
personal data will be processed for the following purposes: The
personal data will be used for booking any tickets by third parties.

d) Third man.

Users’ personal data may be disclosed to third parties, both within and outside the EU / EEA, as follows:
the personal data will be shared with our delivery partner Skyscanner. This personal data is used when purchasing any services that Skyscanner offers.

e) Period during which the personal data will be stored
Personal data may only be stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose.

f) Encryption The
website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which ensures that the users’ personal data is transferred in a secure and confidential manner by encrypting the information.

g) Users’ rights

Right to register extract

After giving consent, users have the right to receive a register extract confirming whether the personal data is being processed. If the personal data is processed, users have the right to access it.

Register extracts are requested from our data protection representative Jonathan Holm via either telephone, +468-399132, or e-mail,

The register extract is handed out in writing, either digitally or by post.

Right to information and right to rectification

After giving consent, users have the right to turn to, Flygi AB to find out which personal data is stored and to have incorrect information changed. If no information is missing, users also have the right to complete it.

Right to restrict processing
In certain cases, a person whose personal data is involved may demand that the processing of these be restricted. This is the case, e.g. when the person in question has already requested correction due to incorrect information. During this time, the processing
of the incorrect data can then also be limited.

Data portability
In some cases, a person who has disclosed their personal data has a right to have it moved to another, such as a media service. The person who first received the personal data must then facilitate such a transfer.

Right to object
In some cases, a person has the right to object to how his or her personal data is processed. This applies when personal data is processed to perform a task of general interest, as part of the exercise of authority or after a balance of interests.

Right to delete
Users have a right to have their personal data deleted if desired. There are exceptions when this right is restricted but in the following cases the data must be deleted:
– If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected,
– If the consent is revoked,
– If the personal data is used for direct marketing and the user
– If they there are no legitimate reasons that outweigh the individual’s
interest in deleting the information,
– If the personal data has been processed illegally,
– If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation,

If a user wishes to have their personal data deleted, they should contact our data protection representative Jonathan Holm on either telephone, +468-399132, or email,

Phone hours: Weekdays 11: 00-15: 00.

If the data is deleted upon request, the external parties who have received the personal data must also be notified. However, this does not apply if it proves impossible or involves a too burdensome effort.

§ 8. COOKIES uses cookies. This means that information may be stored in users’ browsers when they visit the website. The purpose of this is for the website to recognize a user’s computer, keep statistics and in turn improve the user experience.

A cookie is a small text file that makes it possible to identify a user’s means of communication without storing personal data. There are two different types of cookies, time-limited and session cookies. Time-limited cookies are stored for a longer period of time and can e.g. be used to show the user content previously missed. Session cookies are deleted when the web page / browser is closed. This type of cookie can store information such as the selected language and means that users do not have to choose this again every time they click on the website.

Cookies are used on the website for the following purpose:
We use cookies on our various websites to facilitate our visitors’ activities on our sites. We use cookies for technical reasons but also to be able to measure the traffic on our various sites for purely statistical reasons.

The user must actively agree to receive cookies. If no acceptance is given, the user may encounter problems at A person who wishes to avoid cookies or wants to be warned before they are stored can change this themselves in the settings on their device.

A user who violates what appears from these user errors is handled as follows:
Access to the website is denied.

OF LIABILITY, Flygi AB, which owns the website,, disclaims any of the following legal responsibilities: does NOT sell any travel, hotel stays or rental car bookings and can therefore NOT answer any questions regarding your booking. Please contact the travel agency you completed your purchase with or the airline yourself if you have questions or changes regarding your booking.

The website,, is operated from Sweden and the terms of use are governed by Swedish law.

For questions concerning the website and its content, we can be reached via e-mail
For questions regarding the processing of personal data, our data protection representative must be contacted.

The goal for Nalatrip

Our goal is to be able to grow into the market as a leading price comparison site and be able to present as cheap travel as possible in combination with a well-written and easy-to-read travel guide.

The travel guide will provide tips and advice to travelers of all ages, regardless of experience in the world. We have chosen to focus on as simple an experience as possible, with maps, address, links to organizers and a large and easy-to-read text in combination with realistic images from the place.

The flight search gives you the opportunity to choose which operator you want to book through and airlines you want to travel with. We act as an intermediary and present the various trips. However, the purchase is always made at the retailer that you choose before payment.

Following the pandemic in early 2020, most airlines have introduced common restrictions on their flights.

As a passenger, it is required, among other things, that you carry with you and wear a mouth guard. Try to wear the mouth guard at all times and make sure that it covers both the nose and the mouth.

Avoid unnecessary contact with other travelers. Try to keep a distance of 1 meter if possible to avoid unnecessary contact.

Wash your hands thoroughly and use rubbing alcohol.

Keep a distance from travelers who seem to be feeling unwell.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

Common questions


If your flight is canceled, the travel agency that sold the trip will send you an email with more information regarding your booking and how you can proceed next.

Nalatrip does not sell travel and only works as a price comparison site.

Travel agencies and airlines adjust their price according to demand, which in some cases can lead to prices being corrected a couple of times during the day. Unfortunately, the more people who apply and the more people who book, the more adjustments there will be.

Sometimes there can be problems where the prices do not quite match via our API. Unfortunately, we have no control over and thank you in advance if you can attach the information to us through our contact form.

We offer all booking options on the market, including Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class. 

By default, Economy tickets are presented and are the most common form of booking. Depending on the company, various amenities and services are offered here. 

Premium economy is a premium service and usually results in slightly wider chairs, more legroom and a little extra service in the form of, among other things, smoother check-in. This title has different meanings among the various airlines but is usually classified as something in between Economics and Business. 

Business class usually means better seats on the plane, priority check-in, priority when boarding, extra luggage and access to various airport lounges. Note, however, that this class also has different meanings for the different airlines and entails different premium services depending on who you travel with.

First class is a class that many associate with a lot of money, which is usually not right. Many airlines sell their first class tickets at business prices to fill the plane if you book close to departure. However, this type of travel offers fantastic meals, luxury chairs, larger media packages, internet, lounge packages and much more. Some airlines also offer their own lounges on the plane for their first class travelers.

Airlines usually do not accept bookings larger than 8 travelers online. In some cases, even 7 may be the limit of some vendors, which unfortunately can lead to various misleading error messages. 

Certain terms and conditions apply to group bookings. We therefore recommend that you find the trip with us, but contact the travel agency directly by phone for a simpler booking, or alternatively divide your booking into more bookings.

We do not sell airline tickets but only refer to the cheapest prices on the market and can therefore not influence any prices. The search module on Nalatrip presents the prices in real time, but keep in mind that these can be changed depending on the number of searches per day overall. This is usually not affected by an individual, but is based centrally on the airlines that sometimes choose to raise the prices of coveted tickets and destinations. The prices presented come directly from all airlines & travel agencies and are checked by Skyscanner before we show the prices on Nalatrip.

Nalatrip does not sell airline tickets or other types of services and does not collect any information about your booking. Our service is only a free price comparison platform. 

You usually receive your confirmation email within a few minutes, but at high load it can sometimes take up to 24 hours. Note, however, that all travel agencies and airlines are actively working to get your booking and confirmation as soon as possible.

Check your spam and trash if you do not find your booking. Sometimes these emails can end up wrong. 

If you do not find your booking, please contact the travel agency you purchased your trip through. If you do not remember which ones you book through, a tip can be to check your bank statement, as most names are on the statement.

We are only a free travel search site and do not sell tickets. We therefore do not handle bookings and have no opportunity to help with your booking.

Please contact the travel agency you booked your trip through. For contact information for most suppliers, visit

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for luggage not to be included in the prices shown. We receive the prices and information directly from the airlines and all travel agencies and do not control the prices and information displayed.

We therefore recommend that you double-check an extra time before you make your payment whether luggage is included or not. This information is presented in connection with booking with the selected travel agency before purchase. 

For further information about your luggage, please visit the airline’s own website.

Entry requirements vary widely between countries, but countries such as the US and China have strict application forms that must be completed well in advance of your trip.

Due to Covid-19, some countries in Europe also require you to fill out a health declaration online before departure. Note that some countries take up to 72 hours to process your health declaration. Be out in time!

As previously mentioned, we are only a price comparison site and unfortunately can not help with any changes, cancellations or refunds. 

Please contact the travel agency or airline you booked through. For their contact information, please check your booking confirmation or visit

We primarily choose to only show suppliers within your country and with your currency.

However, we offer the opportunity to show foreign travel agencies in your booking, as these sometimes present cheaper prices than, for example our Swedish partners. 

You can change this easily by unchecking fro example “Only travel agencies in Swedish” in the filter menu.

We offer a free search engine and work as a travel search site for various suppliers of airline tickets and other travel services.

Nalatrip does not handle bookings and does not accept any payments for various travel services and therefore has no opportunity to help you with your booking. 

When searching, the market’s lowest prices are presented on the desired dates and destinations. When you have found your trip and choose to see the booking, you will be forwarded to one of our partners, we form a travel agency or the airlines directly. You make both purchases and reservations directly with the supplier and not with us. We simply help you find the best prices. It is entirely up to you to choose who or which you decide to book through, we therefore recommend that you read the supplier’s terms and conditions before you make your booking.

We at Nalatrip don’t have any responsibility for the supplier’s customer service and problem management.

We never charge any fees but make money on kickback from the travel agencies and airlines shown on our website. The prices are always picked up directly from the supplier and presented without any surcharges or extra fees.

After booking, the supplier pays a small kickback in the form of compensation for completed and referred traffic. This compensation does not affect your price or booking, but is an agreement between company and company.

Unfortunately, we do not sell airline tickets, hotel stays or rental car services on, but only refer to the cheapest prices on the market through our free search module.

However, our service is designed and developed for all types of users, regardless of previous experience of travel booking.

At present, we unfortunately do not offer a personal service regarding booking of airline tickets, hotel stays or services related to car rental. 

We are only a free web service and the prices come directly from our partners, which is not something we control or can correct. Please contact the travel agency or airline you plan to book your trip through for various questions or concerns.


We work directly with Skyscanner to present the cheapest prices for hotel stays.

Our search module scans the market free of charge and searches for the market’s best prices. You can easily find pictures, amenities, maps and information regarding various room types on our page. Once you have found accommodation, the prices and various partners are presented for booking in price order. Choose your booking and will be forwarded for booking on the supplier’s own website.

Nalatrip does not handle payments or bookings and therefore can not help with any changes or any form of personal service. In case of problems or changes to your booking, please contact the partner you booked your stay through. You will find contact information on their website or via your booking confirmation.

Car Hire

Nalatrip and Skyscanner have a direct collaboration and work together to push prices before your next trip. Search among thousands of the world’s leading and leading car rental companies and take advantage of the market’s lowest prices.


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