August Heatguide

Where is it hot in August?

During August, heat waves usually pull in over the Mediterranean with temperatures up to 40ºC. If you travel to the coast, it usually feels cooler, but otherwise there are many destinations in Europe that can be a good alternative with milder temperatures.

Playing with plane on floor


Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are not hungry for an excessively long flight, you will find the cozy city of Copenhagen in Denmark. A perfect destination for a weekend trip that offers milder temperatures with lots of sights and activities.

General information

Average temperature:  17 ° c

Water temperature: 18 ° c

Night temperature:  17 ° c

Rainy days: 16

Sun hours: 7

Based on Copenhagen.

Popular destinations



Zoologisk Have


Rosenborgs slott


Mains street of copenhagen


Mallorca, Spain

If you choose to travel to Mallorca in August, you can expect guaranteed warm temperatures and long sunny days. On the popular Spanish island in the Mediterranean you get to experience fantastic landscapes and some of the world’s best beaches.

General information

Average temperature:  31 ° c

Water temperature: 26 ° c

Night temperature:  22 ° c

Rainy days: 4

Sun hours: 10

Based on Mallorca.

Popular destinations

Cap de Formentor

Serra de Tramuntana

Sa Calobra

Stranden i Alcudia

Cala S’Amonia

Cala Sant Vicenc

Palm trees walking path


Paris, France

Summer is the best time of year to experience all that Paris has to offer. Enjoy the culture, good food, wine, go up the Eiffel Tower or visit the Louvre, the world’s most visited museum.

General information

Average temperature: 20 ° c

Water temperature:

Night temperature: 16 ° c

Rainy days: 10

Sun hours: 8

Based on Paris.

Popular destinations

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Notre-Dame de Paris

The Arc de Triomphe

Musée d’Orsay

Center George Pompidou

Tilt out of window


Cinque Terre, Italy

Just outside La Spezia you will find the wonderful and beautiful Cinque Terre. Here you can enjoy the warm weather, take a dip in the sea and experience the unique culture of the colorful small Italian villages.

General information

Average temperature:  24 ° c

Water temperature: 19 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days:  4

Sun hours: 10

Based on Cinque Terre.

Popular destinations

Monterosso beach

Ruins of Doria Tower

Church of St. Margaret of Antioch

Scalinata Lardarina

Gigante Monterosso Al Mare

Castello di Riomaggiore

Cinque terre colorful houses


Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the best destinations in Croatia is the historic city of Dubrovnik. All the city’s historic buildings, cozy restaurants and the ring wall overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea are something you will soon forget.

General information

Average temperature:  25 ° c

Water temperature:  25 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days:  3

Sun hours: 13

Based on Dubrovnik.

Popular destinations


Walls of Dubrovnik


Banje plaža



Game of threones castles


Torrevieja, Spain

Torrevieja is crowded with holiday homes and is therefore a popular destination all year round. During August, the city offers good weather with a variety of activities such as museums, water parks, promenades and an active nightlife that suits everyone.

General information

Average temperature: 26 ° c

Water temperature: 25 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days: 1

Sun hours: 11

Based on Torrevieja.

Popular destinations

Laguna Salada

Vía Verde

Parque de las naciones


Go-Karts Orihuela Costa

Dique de Levante

Restaurants street torrevieja


Kalkan, Turkey

With 12 hours of sunshine and temperatures that are rarely below 25 ° C, Kalkan is a hit among sun lovers. The charming little resort bordering the Aegean Sea has one of the world’s most spectacular hiking trails, empty beaches and beautiful views of the Taurus Mountains.

General information

Average temperature:  25 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature:  18 ° c

Rainy days:  3

Sun hours: 12

Based on Kalkan.

Popular destinations

Kaputaş Beach

Kalkan Public Beach

Emerald Beach

Firnaz Koyu

Saribelen Island


Sunbeds on beach


Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus can get really hot in August. Here it is not uncommon for the temperature to be above 30ºC, but fortunately the beach or pool is just a stone’s throw away. If you travel to Cyprus, we recommend Paphos with its beautiful beaches, nightlife and old ancient buildings.

General information

Average temperature: 26 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature: 21 ° c

Rainy days: 0

Sun hours: 12

Based on Paphos.

Popular destinations

Paphos kunga grav

Pétra tou Romioú

Órmos tón Korallíon

Nea Paphos

Aphrodite Waterpark

Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Sand path between islands


Okinawa, Japan

If you travel to Japan, we recommend that you stay a few days in Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost area, which consists of several smaller islands. Here you will find, among other things, what is considered to be the world’s most beautiful coral reef and a rich marine wildlife.

General information

Average temperature:  28 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature:  25 ° c

Rainy days:  14

Sun hours: 7

Based on Okinawa.

Popular destinations

Southeast Botanical Gardens

Okinawa Zoo & Museum

Wonder Museum

Kurashiki Dam

Miyako Island

Gyokusendo cave

Tropical island okinawa



Bermuda is a perfect destination in August with incredibly warm and nice days. Relax on one of the pink sandy beaches, visit local restaurants, take a boat trip around the island or why not play a round of golf on one of the island’s all golf courses.

General information

Average temperature:  28 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days:  18

Sun hours: 8

Based on Bermuda.

Popular destinations

Horseshoe Bay

Elbow Beach

Strand Crystal Caves

Royal Naval Dockyard

Tobacco Bay

Warwick Long Bay

parked boats in marina

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