October Heatguide

Where is it warm in October?

When autumn begins to pull in over Europe, many dream away to the sun. Fortunately, there are plenty of warm destinations in October that are suitable for those who like to replace rain and debris with sun and swimming. Below you will find several different tips on hot destinations to visit in October.

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The temperature will be extremely high in Japan during the summer half of the year. Therefore, October is the perfect month for a trip to Japan. You can easily walk around in shorts and a t-shirt during the day and put on a sweater in the evening. Avoid 40 degree radiant sun and sweaty clothes! Read more about Japan and order your Japan Rail Pass on our other website about Japan and JR pass.

General information

Average temperature: 20 ° c

Water temperature: 23 ° c

Night temperature: 15 ° c

Rainy days: 10

Sun hours: 4

Based on Tokyo.

Popular destinations







Pagoda japan mt fuji


Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a small holiday paradise off the coast of West Africa. The temperature during October is around 28 ° C but there is a risk of shorter rainfall, no major problem as the sun peeks out just as quickly between the clouds. Otherwise, the island offers visitors everything from rolling dunes to mountains covered with tropical rainforest and everything in between – even an active volcano.

General information

Average temperature: 28 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days: 4

Sun hours: 9

Based on Santa Maria.

Popular destinations

Paria de Chaves


Tarrafal Beach



Quebra Canela

Sunbeds at ocean


Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes has long been one of the most popular summer destinations for European sun lovers. If you choose to travel in October, the temperature is slightly milder than during the summer months but still warm enough for a sun holiday. In addition, there are fewer tourists so there is plenty of space on the beach while there are good offers on both hotels and flights.

General information

Average temperature: 24 ° c

Water temperature: 22 ° c

Night temperature: 21 ° c

Rainy days: 5

Sun hours: 8

Based on Rhodes.

Popular destinations

Tsambika Beach

Acropolis of Lindos

The colossus

Valley of the Butterflies


Old Town

Old ruins greece

Very hot


Aruba is an island full of adventure. Here there is more to do than just sit under a palm tree and sip a Pina Colada, even if it does not sit wrong. Enjoy the October heat and take the opportunity to snorkel, learn kitesurfing, explore all the island’s beaches and take a trip through ancient ruins.

General information

Average temperature: 31 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 28 ° c

Rainy days: 8

Sun hours: 9

Based on Aruba.

Popular destinations

Eagle Beach

Baby Beach

Mangel Halto

Arikok National Park

Palm Island

Malmok Beach

water toys on beach


Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada has developed from a small fishing village into one of Egypt’s most popular seaside resorts. Here you will find everything from fantastic beaches to good diving while Hurghada is a great choice for those who want to combine a beach holiday with visits to some of Egypt’s famous archeological sites.

General information

Average temperature: 29 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days: 1

Sun hours: 11

Based on Hurghada.

Popular destinations

Grand Aquarium

Orange Bay

Jungle Aqua Park

Sand City Hurghada

Mini Egypt

Sahl Hasheesh

Sun beds on sand beach

Pretty hot

Alanya, Turkey

Thailand is a holiday paradise and maintains a generally stable and good weather all year round. This attracts a lot of travelers at the beginning of the year when we have what is called at home in Europe. The country is a perfect destination for all types of travelers and purposes. It is crowded with cozy backpack areas as well as luxury resorts across the country.

General information

Average temperature: 25 ° c

Water temperature: 24 ° c

Night temperature: 15 ° c

Rainy days: 7

Sun hours: 9

Based on Alanya.

Popular destinations

Kleopatra Beach

Alanya Castle

Damlatas Caves

Dim Cave

Alanya Aquapark

Alanya Funfair

Umbrellas cover sun on beach


Madeira, Portugal

In Madeira you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday on the beach, at sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the city. It is a perfect destination in October for you who want to experience a unique holiday that can not be found anywhere else.

General information

Average temperature: 23 ° c

Water temperature: 23 ° c

Night temperature: 21 ° c

Rainy days: 12

Sun hours: 7

Based on Madeira.

Popular destinations

Pico do Arieiro

Pico Ruivo

Ponta de São Lourenço

CR7 Museu

Prainha do Caniçal

Monte Palace Madeira

Water breaking on cliffs


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has been transformed from a simple fishing village into a modern megacity with glittering architecture, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and several large shopping malls. Those traveling to Abu Dhabi will still find it quite relaxed, perfect for travelers who prefer to swap Dubai’s active nightlife for more local culture.

General information

Average temperature: 31 ° c

Water temperature: 28 ° c

Night temperature: 18 ° c

Rainy days: 1

Sun hours: 10

Based on Abu Dhabi.

Popular destinations

Ferrari World

Schejk Zayed-moskén

Emirates Palace

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld

Warner Bros World

Abu dhabi mosque

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