September Heatguide

Where is it warm in September?

Despite the fact that autumn is beginning to creep in over Europe, September is a perfect time of year to travel to the Mediterranean or Asia with temperatures of 25-29ºC, warm seas and smaller tourists. Below you will find tips with different hot destinations in September!

Playing with plane on floor


Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of both China’s and the world’s largest cities. Here you can enjoy the fine weather and experience a city with both modern and traditional influences with several shopping streets, breathtaking skyscrapers and hundreds of sights.

General information

Average temperature: 27 ° c

Water temperature: 25 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days: 13

Sun hours: 6

Based on Shanghai.

Popular destinations

The Bund

Jade Buddha Temple

Changfeng Park

Zhenru Temple

Pearl Tower

Yu Garden

Shanghai the bund


Ubud, Bali

September is a perfect time of year to travel to Ubud, a tropical holiday paradise with many activities, wonderful beaches, green nature, waterfalls, monkey forest and a cheap lifestyle. You can also enjoy Bali’s culture through several music and dance events.

General information

Average temperature: 30 ° c

Water temperature: 27 ° c

Night temperature: 24 ° c

Rainy days: 4

Sun hours: 9

Based on Ubud.

Popular destinations

Monkey Forest

Ubud Palace

Tegalalang rice terrace

Saraswati Temple

Goa Gajah

Pura Dalem

Rice field indonesia



In Dubai you’ll find experiences that suit all types of travelers, from architecture admirers to big shoppers, here it is difficult not to find something that you like. In September, you can enjoy the city’s good weather while discovering all the modern skyscrapers, luxury shopping destinations, long sandy beaches and crazy adventures.

General information

Average temperature: 38 ° c

Water temperature: 32 ° c

Night temperature: 34 ° c

Rainy days: 0

Sun hours: 10

Based on Dubai.

Popular destinations

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Marina

Dubai Mall

Jumeriah Beach

Burj Al Arab

Global Village

Dubai resort hotel


Phu Quoc, Vietnam

One of Vietnam’s most popular holiday destinations, Phu Quoc can be found at the southernmost tip of the country. Here you get to experience soft sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, clear waters and absolutely wonderful weather with an average temperature of 31 ° c during September.

General information

Average temperature: 31 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 25 ° c

Rainy days: 21

Sun hours: 12

Based on Phu Quoc.

Popular destinations

Khem Beach

Sao Beach

Ông Lang beach

Bãi Dài

Đá Bàn Stream

Thom island

Palms and bed s on beach


Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote has wonderful weather in September and the sea is still really warm. This fascinating volcanic island, located off the coast of Africa, also has everything you could wish for. Sunshine all year round, traditional villages, nice beaches and of course fast-paced activities for those with a taste for adventure.

General information

Average temperature: 29 ° c

Water temperature: 22 ° c

Night temperature: 23 ° c

Rainy days: 0

Sun hours: 8

Based on Lanzarote.

Popular destinations

Playa Blanca

Jameos del Agua

Cueva de los Verdes

Famara Beach

Los Hervideros

Playa Flamingo

Walking on beach from above



With its delightful Dutch colonial architecture, thriving art and excellent historical museums, Curacao feels like a small piece of Europe on the edge of the Caribbean. Here you will discover beautiful hidden beaches, wonderful caves and fantastic snorkeling with good weather and lots of sunshine!

General information

Average temperature: 32 ° c

Water temperature: 29 ° c

Night temperature: 26 ° c

Rainy days: 5

Sun hours: 12

Based on Curaçao.

Popular destinations

Klein Curaçao

Cas Abao

Mambo Beach

Kenepa Grande

Shete Boka Park

Playa Lagún

BBoats in tropic water


Rome, Italy

Rome is a city full of historical sights and is probably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. With less tourists and good weather in September, you can walk around among the city’s all cobblestone streets and be shocked by everything you find along the way. The city is full of hidden little treasures!

General information

Average temperature: 27 ° c

Water temperature: 24 ° c

Night temperature: 20 ° c

Rainy days: 6

Sun hours: 8

Based on Rome.

Popular destinations



Fontana di Trevi



Forum Romanum

Restaurant entrance


Algarve, Portugal

September is without a doubt one of the best months to visit Portugal, and with many of the country’s most beautiful beaches and a warm climate all year round, it is not surprising that the Algarve is the sunniest and most popular destination in September.

General information

Average temperature: 29 ° c

Water temperature: 21 ° c

Night temperature: 22 ° c

Rainy days: 5

Sun hours: 9

Based on Algarve.

Popular destinations

Marinha Beach

Praia da Rocha

Ponta da Piedade

Vale do Lobo

Praia do Camilo

Tavira Island

White vacation resorts

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